People often get confused with image retouching and editing as same. But they are not the same for some reason. Retouching defines some fixing of an object from an image. Fixing skin tone, removing a pimple, whitening tooth, changing background, complexion appearance etc. are the actions for image retouching. Our Image Retouching Service is what you need for sure.

[Oh…that’s a nice click…awesome photo…but no…a cat ruined it…why it has to come in this frame…] [WOW! Fabulous capture! But who is this man in the frame!! No... My work has gone in vain]

Don’t worry we are here to remove your tension. Our Retouching Service can give you more than your expectation. We always get some unwanted people or thing in our image background. Let us fix your problem and save your image from getting ruined.

For us, saving your hard work for clicking a photo is really very important. We appreciate how much effort it takes to click a photo with perfect timing. So you can rely on us for your damaged photo.

Image Retouching Criteria

There are various types of image retouching. Not all the sector is known to a layman. So for your understanding, we will explain the types we can help you within short. There you go with our image retouching service:

Needed Edit: Sometimes your photo just needs some basis swap of the brush to be perfect. We will do that for you. No problem if you can’t find out any needed edit spot. We are here to find that out by our professionals.

Face Swapping: Swapping face is crucial in some professional level of work. It’s quite costly to do different photography. In that case, we can lend you a hand to reduce your cost.

Adding Frame: If you need an incredible frame for your image, we are at your service. The frame can make any image unique to its viewer.

Eye enhancement: Eyes catch something that shouldn’t be focused as a reflection in the image, it’s usual. Or sometimes your eyes reflect the flash as red. We can fix that too. We are ready to hear any story behind your image.

Face Reshaping: Sometimes, your model has done a good work, but after seeing the final photos you realized that, Oh! It could be the best photos only if the model has a bit longer chin. Then you can remember us. We are here.

Types of Image Retouching

There are some types of Image Retouching Service we provide as our service. We provide service of Glamour and High-end photo retouching, Apparel and Jewellery photo retouching, Fashion Photo and Wedding photo editing of the professional photo, image retouching of various products and so on. Here are little details of our services.

product photo retouching service

Product Retouching Service

We have done more than 1500+ product image retouching. Especially for e-commerce business, product retouching is a must. Any product in e-commerce site has different color and size. It’s totally time and money worthy to click for each size and color. Some products need clear visualization but that might not clear in the image. So each and every problem with image in an e-commerce site, we offer E-commerce product photo retouching service.

Glamour And High-end Photo Retouching Service

Glamour And High-end Photo Retouching

This is a type of retouching service that confides the best retouching service. This type of retouching service ends with very high-resolution image to work with.

Apparel And Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

Apparel And Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

Especially for apparel a jewelry item image this type of service is served. This is really a very high-end category image retouching service.

Image Retouching Service

Fashion Photo Editing Service

This service is for those people who work in fashion industries. Any kind of fashion photo we do edit for you. Fashion photo needs to be very attractive to perfection. That will be confirmed by our service.

Wedding Photo Editing Service

Wedding Photo Editing Service

With this service any kind of high-end wedding photo we will retouch for you as per your demand and need. The wedding photo is for lifetime saving. That why there should be perfection and our service will bring that for you.

Our specialty in this service will please you with satisfaction. We have a team of 10 expert Graphics designer only to work with e-commerce product image retouching. That’s why we are able to deliver any large amount of e-commerce product photo service within a short time. We do remove dust from the image and also can make your image scratch free.

When you need image retouching?

To some people, image retouching is like a corruption in the world of photography. But is it for real? No, not really if you use in a correct way. Retouching is like modification and not faking anything. From professional photographer to a layman, image retouching is highly recommended for bringing the perfection in the image.

Program: You have arranged a great photo shoot for a program, but the day before your program, a pimple showed up. What will you do then? Will you cancel the program for a pimple? No that’s probably not the best idea. But you can get a pimple out of your image with retouching.

Party: When you are in a party and clicking photo with an unexpected person in the frame, you need retouching to remove that person.

Photo Shoot: Not everything happens smoothly. For any unexpected error, you will need the help of retouching. Just let us do the work for you in that case by sending us the image.

For magazine: For printing purpose, magazine demand for the best quality image without dust and scratch. In that case, our service will save your work. To get a perfect image without error, rely on us. We will take care of it.

Others: For any other reason you will need image retouching if you have an image with any unwanted error or object.

When you face any of this problem, just send us your image and our professionals will work out the problem and send you back within a short time. We can assure you the fastest service you can even imagine. We guarantee deadline highly.

Our image retouching service ensures that you are making your investment in the right place. We do care about your emotions and value of an image to you. Get image retouching service for product, wedding photo, magazine photo etc. by professional designers. 24/7 service at a lowest cost & discount for bulk order. We have a big team for E-commerce product photo retouching service.

Why Creative Graphics BD for Image Retouching?

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