The word clipping means cutting any specific part from a whole for saving purpose. The word path means way or road. So the word 'clipping path' means in the field of graphics is cutting any object from its surface for saving somewhere else. This is the main part of starting any work like retouching, masking; shadow placement etc. needs the touch of clipping path.

Clipping path is a photo editing technology that involves removing a photo’s original background with the aim of isolating an object from the photo or injecting a new background. During the clipping path process, a photo editing professional uses software such as Photoshop to cut the image from the background with the intention of inserting another background or leaving the image as is.

Path clipping is important to give your photo a different look, to improve the picture’s overall look, and to improve its overall appearance. Clipping path is a must instruction to follow. Without clipping path, any still image with the still object is quite impossible to separate from its surface. It's really very essential to know the use of clipping path while learning graphic design.

Different types of clipping path service:

There are different types of clipping path, based on the complexity of the type photo to be clipped, complexity and the client’s requirements. Graphics designers define clipping path in many different types. We will discuss only those we provide as our service. Listed below are the top seven main types of clipping paths that we provide as our service.

Photo Background Removal Service

Simple Clipping Path Service

As the name suggests, simple clipping is the simplest form of clipping and is done on objects that are either straight, rectangular or have a minimal number of holes. For instance to remove a background from a glass you just need to apply a clipping mask surround the glass image. As a result, you will remove the entire background and leave the glass constant.

Best Clipping Path Service

Compound Clipping Path Service

This is applied to images that have a few holes and slight curves. For instance, to edit an image like a bag, you need to create a clipping mask around the bag and fill the holes by clipping path. In the process, you will remove the entire background and keep the image intact.

Clippling Path Service

Extra Compound Clipping Path Service

This type of clipping is done on objects with multiple curves and holes. It is a bit complex than compound clipping. To remove a background for instance on an image with earrings, you need to create anchor points on the earring. Next step is creating clipping path mask, to add the various anchor points on the object. Finally, create clipping path on the holes. If the earing have multiple holes, you will need to create multiple paths on the holes to remove the entire background.

Photoshop Clipping Path Service

Complex Clipping Path Service

This is done on detailed and complex products. For instance, a necklace is not solid and will need a number of anchor points because they tend to be long and have a number of holes. Complex clipping is also done on jewelry, furniture bracelets and other complex objects.

Product Photo Editing Service

Super Complex Clipping Path Service

This is done on big objects such as a bicycle. A bike is big and has big holes. This type of clipping is suitable for objects that have complex designs such as zigzag, fence or cross designs. You can apply it to bicycles, dolls, chain etc.

Multiple Image Clipping Service

Multiple Image Clipping Service

Arranging many images together through clipping them around the image is called multiple image clipping. That means multiple images will be clipped around one image. We do really good of this kind of image. Please click on the trial icon to get this service.

Cut Out Image Online Service

Multi Path Service

Clipping the object of an image separately in every possible path is called Multi-path service. Assume a model is wearing sunglass, bag, jewelry, shoes etc. so separately clipping her body structure, clothes, sunglass, bag, jewelry, and shoes is called Multi-path service.

When is clipping path needed?

Listed below are some of the instances that clipping path services might be needed.

  • Image Modification to Attract Customers - You can remove or modify an image with the aim of attracting customers to your product. You can customize your background to match your company’s color or logo to appear more professional.
  • Fashion Industry- The process can be applied to modify or correct an image in the fashion industry. For instance, you can remove a flying thread or customize a fashion item to meet clients’ needs.
  • Website Optimization- You can optimize your website for better performance and attract potential customers to your website. For instance, you can crop out or add an image to optimize your site for better performance.
  • Motor Vehicle Editing- Professionals in the motor vehicle industry can use clipping path to modify the curves or corners on a motor vehicle.
  • Interior Design and Architectural Works- Experts in the construction industry can take advantage of this process to modify gates, fences and even buildings.
  • Toys and Electronics Industry- This industry can make use of simple or compound clipping to modify or fine-tune their images. The images can later be used to promote their product to different audience.

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