Image masking usually used for eradicating the background at the back of an object. For the lenient edge of any photo like furred clothes, human or animal hair, doll etc. are the techniques of image masking that is used in accordance with clipping path along with replacing and removing the background from the image. You will find this service on our service page as image masking service. Image masking is a term of editing service especially for the poster, magazine and so on.

Image masking of various types to say. Soft control is an advanced type of masking service to known as. For soft control of a photo like the hair of human or animal, furred clothes, as well as doll are the technique is applied for photo masking with the combination of the technique of clipping path to remove or swap the contextual of the image. For hard control technique, clipping path needs to be used, for the furred things and soft control is required image masking service.

Isolating any object except the background is known as masking service. We offer the best service possible for masking. Send us the photo and we will do that for free as a trial. Masking is a part of clipping path s in that case people often confuse these two as same. But they are used for diverse purpose while editing photo perfectly just as you need.

Types of Service for Image Masking

Layer Masking Service

Layer Masking Service

Manual service of Photoshop with higher quality assured.Throughout the “pen tablet” we do image masking with the terms of refined masking along with soft control. Pen table can also isolate the object along with removing the background. Price rate will differ according to your demand and time.

Image Masking Service

Alpha Channel Masking

Splitting up the object from its background, editing the contrast, image brightness, exposure these works are saved to done for Alpha Channel. Single color setting as the background is the perfect example of image masking. This kind of images is large in size to upload or download. But we have enriched server to deal with this type of spacing problem.

Hair Masking Service Provider

Hair Masking Service

If you are willing to disperse hair from image background or want to soft control, we are here to do that with our “pen tablet”. We will also do modifying exposure, adjust contrast, increase or decrease brightness as well as applied color also in this term. All these actions are to make the image natural.To have the best result for hair masking, clipping path is less effective than image masking and that’s why you need to do it.

Image Refine Masking Service Provider

Refine Sharpness Masking

In this part, we would change the color of your product for you . Product color w ill be changed only. Not the surface or back g round would change color only the product color w ill change its color. In e-commerce sector, this service is highly useful to reduce the cost of extra photography for each color. This service makes a tremendous change in the photo with color. It reduces the cost highly that e-commerce is demanding this service most.

Masking Service of Translucent Object

Masking of Translucent Object

Sunglasses, ice-covered glass, bottles made of plastic, ceremonial veil, muslin fabrics etc. are known as translucent objects that have about 5%-100% mistiness to get this service. A little pass out of light can make the image fuzzy. If you have this problem, you are welcome to our image masking service.

object masking for e-commerce service

Object Masking Service

If you got any image with any unsuitable part of it, what will you do? Don’t worry. We are here at your service to solve the problem within a very short time. We do use a Pen tool and remove the unwanted part by using masking with the help of layer masking. If the is deformation objects in the image, object masking covers that too.

Image Masking Service Provider

Color Masking Service

We sometimes cut the image from its outline instead of cutting it from inside avoiding heavy visible lines. These are the essential part of color masking.The user of that image can apply diverse color as well as the effect of it also correction along with retouching service.

Ours Specialty

  • Best graphics designer team
  • Use of pen tablet
  • Diverse work on soft edge as well as hard edge
  • Special concentration on color and background
  • Adjustment of contrast, color etc.
  • Free trial
  • Service satisfaction
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Easy payment options

Peoples from the magazine, Newspaper, E-commerce site, online shop, Poster Maker, Professional photographer, Personal use, Fashion houses and advertising agencies, others who need this individually are wholeheartedly welcome to have our service to get the best result for your business.