When someone is up to display product, he might needs to use shadow service as a must. Some natural image doesn’t seem attractive to its viewer for being in rough state. These types of photo can be turned into attractive just by adding some shadow that naturally should have there in the image. It service gives the object 3D effects.

This is really very vital to understand the proper place to light up the shadow. Shadow placed in wrong place is a mess for sure. This is what we do the best with our experts for you.This service is very usefully for garments products to make them more real to its buyer.

Steady things like chair, book, bed, jewelry etc.are kept for doing drop shadow service. There are few types of shadow making service that are original, drop, reflection and natural types of shadow making. There are some other types of images that could be developed by adding shadows in it like group photo, interior, model photography and so on.

Things we do to make your image real with our shadow service:

• We follow some specific techniques
• We do remove the background beyond the object
• Get the help of clipping path as well as masking
• Clear up the distraction from image
• Retouch the photo if needed
• Best correction of color
• Best shadow applying for the image
• Adjust the contrast if needed
• Exact 3D look
• Keep the natural shadow while removing the background

This service is for those photos meant for advertising especially and mostly for making a catalog for the product. Currently, websites are demanding this service mostly for their product or digital banner.

Service Categories of Shadow:

There are some types of service we provide under shadow making. Forgetting the best result, we use the best tools for completing the task. Described below are those types we work with.

reflection shadow service provider

Mirror/ Reflection Shadow

Just by reading the name we get the idea what type of image this could be. This type of image demand is for shadow as a mirror that needs to be reflected in the front of the object. These images are usually for plastic items, ceramic and many other items including electric items. Whenever we look in the mirror, we can see our own reflection in the mirror. So in the case of still life things as well as human when having their shadow reflection it’s definitely natural. For some reasons this reflection doesn't appear in the photo when it’s really needed. That's you need to get help from this service to give your image a natural look.

best natural shadow service provider

Natural Shadow Service

Whenever we do sit or stand we can see shadow following us. That is known as the natural shadow. Sometimes for the flashlight, the image lost its natural shadow. That's why when the natural shadow is needed you can have it by this service.

Shadow Service

Drop Shadow Creation

When we drop something somewhere, a shadow is visible but not that much. Only to make the object have an impact on the area it was placed. This type of shadow making that left a view of dropping shadow in the right place is known as drop making a shadow or drop shadow.

Shadow usually makes the image really natural. We suppose to have a shadow around us that is for real. That's why when image get shadow where it’s needed that image also looks like real. So for making the best use of any photo, we ensure the shadow placement in the right way. Generally, in major contribution, shadow placement can be departed in three most essential part. They are like natural, drop and reflection.